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Baltimore American Indian Center


Baltimore, Maryland


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Resource Development & Application Assistance

The Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968 with the mission to “assist and support American Indian and Alaskan Native families moving into an urban environment and adjusting to the culture change they will experience.”

Following WWII, the neighborhood surrounding BAIC became a predominantly American Indian community and was referred to as “The Reservation.” To support the community, BAIC provided supportive services such as education programs, skills training, workforce development programs, child care, afterschool arts, senior programs and health and healing services.

BAIC was facing a reduction of individual in-kind donations and philanthropic sponsorships, which was threatening to eliminate one of its feature attractions – the museum.

BAIC engaged SGA Strategies to assist with vital resource development to keep the museum alive. SGA Strategies worked with BAIC to develop a federal grant application, which resulted in a federal funds that not only stabilized BAIC’s operations, but also enhanced its ability to attract visitors and donations.